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13th Boy Volume 3 by SangEun Lee

Hee-So’s stuck with Sae-Bom on cooking duty at the Scouts’ joint volunteer outing at a local orphanage, ruining her chances of showing off in front of Won-Jun! And Sae-Bom’s no help either, ’cos she’s too busy making lunch for her dearest Whie-Young! Suddenly, it occurs to Hee-So that making lunch for Won-Jun might not be such a bad idea. But when the two girls go to make their special deliveries, a dangerous accident threatens both their lives. And in the heat of the moment, Won-Jun, who witnesses the accident, takes a most unexpected course of action. Has he gone and irreparably crushed Hee-So’s dreams? Will Whie-Young be able to pick up the pieces?

So What Do I Think!?
The art is beautiful of course, that's why I buy most manga or manhwa. But since the plot looked good, I kept buying it. The thing about manhwa is... all the girls (including the herione, she's usually the top dog) are complete "bi-otches". Mind my wording, but that's how it is.

Step 9. I Want to Know How You Really Feel! Haha, I always laugh whenever I see Hee-So so simple-minded, breaking all those rules, breaking her self-esteem and almost breaking every bone in her body. What surprises me is when she actually attempts to look for the boy, but her intentions are never pure as they seem to be on the outside. I expect nothing less from Hee-So...

Step 10. Giant Snowflakes in MidSummer YEEEEAH! Whie-Young gets to eat Hee-So's bentou! It's not as romantic as it could be, but hey, who am I to say anything about these two characters, they have serious issues in that department. There are some other Whie-So moments, and as couple-like as they could have been it's like you're cracking up on the inside. The two orphans with their Korean drama moment was hilarious, you could see that happen a mile away. But the fact that they're not the main characters, and the mains are WATCHING them do these things just makes the perfect comedic moment. Yay for the past, Hee-So remembers, and man, even in the past she was a bad girlfriend. I could understand about the heat being a problem though. Epic win for the last page of this Step.

Step 11. What Happened Back Then? Now we get to see Beatrice and Won-Jun's past a little more. Some things are making more sense now. It's satisfying to see Whie-Young get jealous over his own creation.

Step 12. I'll Watch Over Sae-Bom! Dude, this chapter made me so angry and surprised. The whole time I was either going "WHAT THE CHUCK?" or "NO WAY!" So Hee-So risks everything just to be nice to Sae-Bom, but even worse, the other girls don't get it because they hate Sae-Bom. What I found to be the stupidest thing in this Step is that Hee-So's best friend for ten years, Nam-Joo, completely backstabs Hee-So (although she had it coming), the moment she thinks Hee-So chooses Sae-Bom over her. But luckily there was a like Whie-So action in this Step and that made me calm down a bit.

Can't wait for the next volume, that dodgeball game is gonna be intense, and that can't even describe the event enough.

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