Monday, December 19, 2011

Lots of Christmas Cheer!

Made it out of finals. BOUGHT COMICS. How could it get better? Haha =]
After some much need SLEEP... here's what I've bought this December...

Manhwa Purchases:
  • 13th BOY Volume 9
  • 13th BOY Volume 8
Manga Purchases:
  • Bakuman Volume 6
  • Bakuman Volume 7
  • Oresama Teacher Volume 5
  • Otomen Volume 10 (from Nagihiko<3)
Japanese Manga Purchase:
  • Game Over
Welll... had 30% off coupons from B&N, SOOO bought 13th BOY with those coupons :'D THEEN... when I got to San Diego, had to go to BookOff AS PER USUAL. They had their Holiday discounts, which I love with a passion. 10% off on $20 purchases, 20% on $50 purchases. I the 10% discount after finding some NEW volumes of Bakuman, Oresama Teacher and Game Over; just 5 bucks a pieces!! What a steal, oh my gosh, it's so great!! :'D

I'll update more when I buy some more stuff 8D Have a very merry Christmas.