Friday, August 26, 2011

Mangaholic Shopping Again

Ehhhh.... buying so much manga as of late. First, Barnes&Noble with their tempting coupons and already discounted prices online (plus I have a membership to utilize). Then, Amazon, since I have that Prime trial... and that buy 3, get the 4th free thing... And finally, Borders going out of business (this is the sixth week, I believe) and it's fantastic discounts on manga @____@

I am OVERWHELMED with my new surge in manga. I'm trying VEERY hard not to read them all at once and forget my school assignments. Here's the stash thus far...

  • 13th Boy V.7 - $8.79 w/tax (Original - $11.99)
  • Otomen V.1 - FREE (Original - $8.99)
  • Otomen V.2 - $8.99 (Original Price)
  • Otomen V.3 - $6.49 w/S&H (Original - $8.99)
  • Otomen V.4 - $9.99 (Original Price)
  • Otomen V.5 - $9.99 (Original Price)
  • Otomen V.9 - $4.99 w/out tax added (Original - $9.99) Only volume they had, might as well get it while it's cheap :)
  • Yotsuba&! V.7 - $1.20 w/out tax added (Original - $10.99) What a steal!!!
You gotta love a book store that's going out of business!! Some great steals there!! I'm waiting even longer hoping for more discounts.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Tale of the Crazy Kid(s) Pamphlet 5

Finished mid-August 2011. I am so proud of myself for taking over a year to finish this... I don't know what this is about either. You'd have to be crazy to put up with my comics.
The Tale of the Crazy Kid(s) Pamphlet 5

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In Need of a GAME PLAN!

All right, I've got a lot of things set up for me to handle AT THE MOMENT. So let's get organized and prioritized. (I sound like I'm on a mission.)

I wonder, how did I get so involved in Scanlation? Is it because I don't play MMORPGs anymore? I think that's it, that's the reason. Gee willykers...

  • Obtain books for AP Classes [got the books for English]
  • Attempt to make some effort to read them [effort made...]
  • If time, attempt to execute summer homework in less than a week [oh, heaven's no...]
  • Clean/Organize room for maximum awesomeness
  • Make a new Zebra signature/banner [signature done, banner abandoned]
  • Do a YouTube update for dacatmango
  • Silent Dreams Scanlation
    1. Relevel Sukitte Iwaseru Houhou Ch.5 [in progress...]
    2. Typeset Sukitte Iwaseru Houhou Ch.5
    3. Nag staff about their projects
  • Omari's Sister
    1. Proofread Zoo Ch.6 [done!]
  • Evil Flowers
    1. Typeset SM Hunter Ch.11 [too many... missing translations]
    2. Typeset Crush on You Ch.10 [in progress...]
    3. Typeset SM Hunter Ch.12
    4. Typeset SM Hunter Ch.13
LET'S DO THIS!! All in less than one week... hooo~

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Couple Endings

Well... I woke up this morning to find that my main and beloved YouTube account, holanio, has finally struck out three times and has been suspended as a result. There's a lot of copyrighted material on that account, so I don't think I'm going to fight it... It's a little sad, but what's done has been done. It'll be very inconvenient, seeing as I'm always logged into my email account though :\ I'm starting a new YouTube account, dacatmango, mainly for favoriting purposes. And occasionally short little MMV's that I may be motivated to make.

For some more HAPPIER news, I've deftly obtained the final volume of Pig Bride from Borders, which is going out of business. All the manga and manhwa there were 25% off. I was hoping for some bigger sales, but who can argue with a closing business, am I right? If I happen upon Borders again, the discounts increase and Bakuman is still there, I think I'll start purchasing the series. Otherwise, I'll wait until Bakuman catches up to where I left off in the Japanese serialization.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Manhwa Dig at BookOff

I came back from an incredibly tipsy turvy, rocky and bumpy experience at my Youth Camp. I kind of liked it--pretty nice comparatively to me during the other camps.

We came back from Julian to San Diego and had a going away meal with all you can eat Korean BBQ (up to 2 hours). After stuffing ourselves like no tomorrow, my loving mom was willing to listen to a silly daughter's request to go to BookOff one last time before moving up north!

Imagine my joy when I saw that they were having a sale on already cheap manga!! Instead of a Manga Haul (since the series I wanted were newer, and I didn't see anything else that caught my eye), I had more of a Manhwa Haul. I picked up the entire series of Priceless (3 volumes), Pig Bride (volumes 1-4; missing 5) and Good Luck (Volumes 1-3&5, missing 4). I hope I enjoy them ^__^

Priceless is by Lee Young-You, author of Moon Boy, so I'm excited to read this since it's one of her earlier works. I hope it's better than Kill Me, Kiss Me, though o=
License: This was licensed by Tokyopop, which is now out of business. You'll probably only find it in secondhand bookstores or sellers.

Pig Bride is a joint between Kook-Hwa Huh and Su-Jin Kim. I read the first volume years ago, and was amused by it because I wasn't into manhwa so much then. Even though I skimmed through the ending, and didn't find it too hot--I hope to come to like this series and appreciate the ending a little more... when I buy it ^^
License: This is currently licensed by Yen Press, so it should be in print for a while.

Good Luck is by E-Jin Kang. I... well I didn't think much when I bought this. I actually saw the ad for it in Priceless, when I was checking for the end of the series. I thought it looked good and to my relief, I found most of the volumes :] I really don't know what to expect for this series, so I hope it's refreshing in some way or another!
License: This was licensed by Tokyopop, which is now out of business. You'll probably only find it in secondhand bookstores or sellers.