Thursday, February 16, 2012

50% Off Kid's Books Sale!?

So B&N had a 50% off kid's books sales, and that was the push that got me to buy POKEMON ADVENTURES!!
I'm buying the Platinum/Diamond/Pearl Arc first, and I'll buy the rest next time there's a fantastic sale (or bundle deal) But I'm on a little strike against the first few arcs of the series because they did some alteration jobs on it PLUS they're not planning on translating my FAVORITE arc, the Ruby/Sapphire chapter. Which, I think all PokeSpe fan around the world agree, was one of the best (and they were all pretty freakin' fantastic.)

Bought the first five volumes of the PDP Arc (the fifth is a PreOrder) and uhh... within 3 days, they're now on my bookshelf =] (+4 manga to the count) $4 per volume, no shipping and handling costs. BRILLIANT. I quite adore my B&N membership.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Renewed Membership

I just renewed my Barnes and Noble membership last week. And I dare say, it's freaking fantastic enough for me to pay for it myself ;] Only $25, I SAVE so much with it (especially on shipping&handling)

Not only that, I snagged myself Otomen Volume 11, BRAND SPANKIN' NEW for about $5. SUH-WEET COUPONS OF HOLY MATRIMONY----YESS!!! >:'D It has arrived at my doorstep and it is aweesoome.

PLUUS. A little tidbit for B&N manga lovers. Check out your favorite series and take a gander at the upcoming unreleased volumes. Preorders tend to have some nice discounts attached to them. For example, I was looking at some of my lower priority manga Oresama Teacher and Bakuman. And I noticed volume 9 and 12 respectively were only $5.67 EACH. Okay, that sounds great, but you gotta understand... VIZ doesn't put discounts on their manga for ANYTHING. They have a nice flat rate with all their manga: $9.99 and that doesn't change, ANYWHERE. Other publishers have tons of discounts, but that's because their manga have higher cover prices, so... It's PRETTY fantastic.

Sure, I have to wait until summer before I get them, but they're cheap NOW and I'm gonna buy them eventually. I sure do love my manga to be less than $6~ 8D