Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pictures of July

Here we go~ I'm going to try to post more pictures of my bookshelf and stuff to make this blog a little more interesting.

Here are pictures of the all the manga I bought and received in July. (Oh, and ignore my clothes in the corner haha.)
I bought most of the volumes from two different BookOff's, my friend bought me a volume of "The Magic Touch" when we dropped by Barnes&Nobles, and I snagged Hirunak no Ryuusei from Sanseido as per usual.
I regret not buying that random volume of Sukitte Iwaseru Houhou when I visited Kinokuniya, but... that's in the past now... I can't change anything haha

And here's what my bookshelf looks like now that's it's been updated and reorganized into a JP and KR only bookshelf!
It features some of the things I got from Kuroneko of Omari's Sisters and the new Pokemon Conquest game =]
Fruits Basket is on loan to a friend of mine for now, so that's what that big gap in the middle is between Full Moon and Comic Party.

I hope to be able to review volumes or series every now and then on this blog. So yup! If there's any particular volume that you'd like to get reviewed, tell me and I'll do it as long as I have it.