Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Should Have Treated You Better

Heh heh. I just love AJ's face in this album cover. So sweet and happy :'D Anyway, I love the song as well. Super catchy. Listen to it if you get the chance.

I also bought a bunch of May 7th Manga Releases!
  • Strobe Edge 4 by Sakisaka Io
  • Otomen 15 by Aya Kanno
  • Bakuman 19 by youknowwho
  • Pokemon Adventures 16 by youknowwho
By the way, all of these manga were bought at lower than cover price values online. Go ahead and check 'em out. It's pretty great =] You can also snag 'em on Amazon too if you'd prefer.
Fun!! I need a day to buy all my Japanese manga~