something 'bout me

frequently used usernames: holanio, dacatmango, Tran, hola-bean, ConnietheCat

where: United States

hobbies: Scanlating, buying manga/manhwa, creative activities

tidbits of info: Moderately good at most things, but a master at nothing. I like doing most of the arts, but I prefer not to go into the technicalities of it (freestyle and branching off).

scanlation groups and why I joined them:
Silent Dream Scanlations was the first group I joined. It was just starting out and I thought I could do typesetting for fun. So I joined, passed and then somehow I ended up managing the group--whaaaat? So that's why I'm still there.
Crimson Flower used to be Omari's Sister when I joined and is the second group I joined because I pointed out some typos quite often and Kuro asked me if I just wanted to become a proofreader, so I accepted. Now I'm also helping out with typesetting oneshots. I like the variety of oneshots they have in this group, so that's why I'm still there.
Evil Flowers is the third group I joined because things were going slow in the other two groups for the jobs that I had originally been doing and I was PRETTY bored Sophomore year of high school. This group scanlated the manhwa I liked and I wanted to try working on Korean comics, so I applied as an editor and got it. I'm still there for the manhwa and it's also jointed with my other group, so... I guess it all works out.
Matteiru Scans used to be HaruHime Scans when I joined because they had one series that I looved, but needed an editor for. It was honestly one of the only series I liked in that group, but stuff happened and people were awesome, so I'm still here... in this group... doing stuff.

I just enjoy comics and fun stories too much.

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