Sunday, September 12, 2010

Release: Various Series

Oh snaps. Okay, well, I should advertise again. Well for a long time now, Silent Dream Scanlations has made these releases:

Quick Witted Boy Oneshot
Sakura Zensen Chapter 2
Muramasa Chapter 4
Sukitte Iwaseru Houhou Chapters 1&2

Now, for the newer releases...

Varnish Chapter 1 and Sakura Zensen Chapter 3.

Varnish is supposed to be a Yaoi manga? Or shoujo? Different resources are showing different results, but rest assured, they're all guys.

As for Sukitte Iwaseru Houhou, it's a very cute typical shoujo manga. It's well drawn and tha characters are cute, haha. Check it out, it's not half bad.

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