Thursday, January 6, 2011

Utilizing Gifts

Not too long ago (in fact, like 10 minutes ago) I purchased volumes 4 through 10 of Legend by Kara and Woo SooJung for a whopping total of $61.93! That's really not too bad for 7 volumes of manhwa that originally was worth $11.99 a pop. ;D If you broke out the calculator, that would have been at least $83.93, not to mention shipping and handling, plus outrageous California taxes. I'd round it up to $100 at original price.

I get all my deals at Barnes&Nobles, for me, it's just a trustworthy thing.

Here are all the prices I got my manhwa for this time around ^___^

These volumes were from other retailers. I made sure the ending price with S&H was still cheaper than Barnes&Noble before buying them.
Volume 4 - $3.66 + $3.99 (S&H) + No tax
Volume 5 - $3.99 + $3.99 (S&H) + No tax
Volume 6 - $3.99 + $3.99 (S&H) + No tax

I bought these straight from B&N for great discounted prices~ As well as free S&H for purchases over $25 (if you're not a member.) I get free EXPRESS S&H regardless because I'm a member :'D
Volume 7 - $8.64
Volume 8 - $9.75
Volume 9 - $8.94
Volume 10 - $7.91

So go buy some good manhwa!

This will bring my total up to what? 114 Manga and 27 Manhwa ;]

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