Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Renewed Membership

I just renewed my Barnes and Noble membership last week. And I dare say, it's freaking fantastic enough for me to pay for it myself ;] Only $25, I SAVE so much with it (especially on shipping&handling)

Not only that, I snagged myself Otomen Volume 11, BRAND SPANKIN' NEW for about $5. SUH-WEET COUPONS OF HOLY MATRIMONY----YESS!!! >:'D It has arrived at my doorstep and it is aweesoome.

PLUUS. A little tidbit for B&N manga lovers. Check out your favorite series and take a gander at the upcoming unreleased volumes. Preorders tend to have some nice discounts attached to them. For example, I was looking at some of my lower priority manga Oresama Teacher and Bakuman. And I noticed volume 9 and 12 respectively were only $5.67 EACH. Okay, that sounds great, but you gotta understand... VIZ doesn't put discounts on their manga for ANYTHING. They have a nice flat rate with all their manga: $9.99 and that doesn't change, ANYWHERE. Other publishers have tons of discounts, but that's because their manga have higher cover prices, so... It's PRETTY fantastic.

Sure, I have to wait until summer before I get them, but they're cheap NOW and I'm gonna buy them eventually. I sure do love my manga to be less than $6~ 8D

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