Thursday, March 28, 2013

Some ranting

Okay, well here I go...

For Silent Dreams, I'm going to work with the team to try and get a release for almost every project we have. And somewhere down the lines get stuff scanned. My priority consists of a volume of Brave 10 S and then switch off with SIH.

For Evil Flowers, I'll continue typesetting Forget About Love, especially for their anniversary coming up. I'll also try to stave off my desires to typeset My Romantic Kumiho ><

For Matteiru, I'm gonna try to keep up with Hal releases and QC whatever needs to be QCed.

For Omari's Sister, until summer break, I think I'll just go back to PRing. I need to finish the Furou Kyoudai omake first.

Ahh... I hope people won't get frustrated with us ]= It's a tiring hobby to scanlate... But sometimes it's pretty fun, so... what can I say?

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