Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweet Anticipation & Work Load

Omari's Sister Update:
I just finished proofreading Nanairo no Mukou for OM. Read it when Kuroneko003 releases it on the OM Blog. It's such a sweet read. Lengthy oneshot as well, 70+ pages. However it's not filled to the brim with dialogue and leaves enough room to take in the wonderful artwork.

Silent Dreams Scanlations Update:
Last night as well, I finished 'QCing' Varnish Chapter 3. I quote that because... well, you see, HOLY CREDIBOWLA...! Situation time: Ever read an awkward translation, much? I still need to work on my Proofreaders with their inability to proofread harshly. Sometimes I'm unable to tell what exactly they proofread in the first place. It's not entirely their fault, we haven't developed enough of a bond to read each others' minds yet.

Good news...! SDS's 1st anniversary is coming up in a few days, and we've already had 2 releases this month. I hope to get out another release or two by the end of April haha. And thank goodness, an Indonesian to English Translator popped out from nowhere. PERHAPS I CAN FINALLY RELEASE THOSE THREE CHAPTERS OF SAKURA ZENSEN!!! Muahahaha. However, like a dutiful roller coaster ride, I'm not sure where we're at with our precious scanner for Sakura Zensen. I'm hoping very badly that she checks her email soon.

Evil Flowers Update:
Seems like Kiss and Never Cry Chapter 15 is going to be released soon. I finished typesetting it like last week! However, I'm taking my time on Kiss and Never Cray Chapter 16, actually I've been half done for like... ever. So I can focus on... nah, who am I kidding. I started going nuts when I saw a bunch of SFXs and tiny bubbles not erased by the cleaner. Plus, you don't realize it until you typeset, but there's TONs of dialogue @____@

Anywho, on a side note, for you Crush on You fans, I'm waiting for Chapter 7b's translation to be proofed before I start anything. From a forgotten resource, I think it hits around 50 pages? GG! I hope to get around to it when Spring Break starts after tomorrow!!!

To continue my suicidal choices... I volunteered to take up a short 2 volume project, Triangle by Shin Ji-sang and Geo. I LOVE THAT MANHWAGA DUO!!! OTL So I couldn't resist. It'll be a pain to edit considering the medium-low quality RAWs, but I might be able to manage with a lot of cropping and half-baked redrawing skills. It's not a high priority project, so don't expect much from me, mhmkay?

Misc. Update:
It's almost Christmas in Persona 3 Portable for me and I only got my Star Social Link to level 8 -cries-. It's okay... I tried... I'll... sigh.

But I'm happy, I found two new wonderful songs to listen to. First of all, the highlight of my day yesterday, Kana Nishino's new PV, Esperanza! The song is CATCHY!!! And the second song being an ending theme song to Blue Exorcist (anime). To my dismay it was by my biasedly disliked boy group, 2PM, but I'll live. The song's called Take Off.

13th Boy Volume 4 arrived last Friday, and I read the next two volumes. AWESOMENESS!! I do want more ^^ However, I've gotta save up for Anime Expo this summer... And I'm spending a bunch of money on buying clothes and shoes from TaoBao. Crikeys shipping and handling, why do you torment me sooo...!? Anywho, time to watch some Running Man with my mom before studying for my Chemistry Test. Toodle-loo.

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