Friday, May 6, 2011

Game Plan for Today

There's an atomic bomb waiting for me on Tuesday (bits and pieces on that later) So for today, I'll just RELAX and hit the books during the hot part of the day. Come back, maybe do some editing for Evil Flowers (Crush on You Chapter 8a, anyone?) And then hope desperately that the typesetting for Lunatic Honey Chapter 4 is finished and sent to me for QCing so I can release it for a staff member's birthday on the SDS side. Perhaps I'll be a little diligent on a Friday and practice the lines for my scene on Monday. (None of this is making sense in this incoherent order...)

Anywho, my game plan today in a nice, orderly list is...
  • Read Vespers Rising until I finish/it gets cooler upstairs/dinnertime
  • Eat dinner and watch Running Man Episode 29 with Mom
  • Go back upstairs and either:
    a.) Finish reading Vespers Rising
    b.) Edit Crush on You Chapter 8b
    c.) Take a sneak peak at The Throne of Fire
    d.) Deviate from all plans and read Gakuen Alice Volumes 15 and 16
    e.) Whatever I feel like doing...
  • Probably take a shower before doing any of those things
  • Go to sleep early because I can!
For anyone wondering where Kiss and Never Cry chapter 15 and 16 and Crush on You Chapter 7b is... Evil Flowers need more QCers (and proofreaders for that matter) So go offer your excellence and help 'em out!! I know it's testing month, but you can spare a little breather for the manga and manhwa you love :'D

By the way, Gakuen Alice Volume 15 and the Kane Chronicles: The Throne of Fire arrived at my doorstep not too long ago. SOOO I am toootally gonna read some text-age<3

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