Friday, August 26, 2011

Mangaholic Shopping Again

Ehhhh.... buying so much manga as of late. First, Barnes&Noble with their tempting coupons and already discounted prices online (plus I have a membership to utilize). Then, Amazon, since I have that Prime trial... and that buy 3, get the 4th free thing... And finally, Borders going out of business (this is the sixth week, I believe) and it's fantastic discounts on manga @____@

I am OVERWHELMED with my new surge in manga. I'm trying VEERY hard not to read them all at once and forget my school assignments. Here's the stash thus far...

  • 13th Boy V.7 - $8.79 w/tax (Original - $11.99)
  • Otomen V.1 - FREE (Original - $8.99)
  • Otomen V.2 - $8.99 (Original Price)
  • Otomen V.3 - $6.49 w/S&H (Original - $8.99)
  • Otomen V.4 - $9.99 (Original Price)
  • Otomen V.5 - $9.99 (Original Price)
  • Otomen V.9 - $4.99 w/out tax added (Original - $9.99) Only volume they had, might as well get it while it's cheap :)
  • Yotsuba&! V.7 - $1.20 w/out tax added (Original - $10.99) What a steal!!!
You gotta love a book store that's going out of business!! Some great steals there!! I'm waiting even longer hoping for more discounts.

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