Monday, October 31, 2011

October Purchases!

Sooo here's the listiosis:
  • Otomen Volumes 6-8
  • High School Debut Volumes 5 (accidentally ended up being in Japanese, go figure xD) and 7
  • Very! Very! Sweet!! Volume 6
I've received everything, except for the last one, and I'm VERY excited about that one x]

Imagine my surprise when I see High School Debut... in Japanese!! I was like, wow, no wonder it was only 10 cents, how misleading >: Oh well, it's okay. It looks really cool and it's in very nice condition regardless, haha. Consider it my very first manga in Japanese, yes?

Otomen continues to be a very cute series that I can only buy if I can find it for less than $8 after shipping and handling. I'm so picky... The American releases are pretty much caught up with the Japanese releases, so I would love to take my time on that.

STILL HOPING FOR A GAKUEN ALICE RELICENSE!! And I'm really looking forward to some new licenses coming from Kodansha Comics USA. The discounts are FANTASTIC on Barnes and Nobles :'D From $11 dropped to less than $9, it's really great. Yen Press as well, looks like they're starting to pick and choose from TokyoPop's ashes, so... hopes are high!!

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