Monday, October 10, 2011

Scanlation as a Hobby

Word of advice. If you ever want to start helping as a scanlator, BE PREPARED TO SPEND TIME. I also suggest you leave it at that, HELPING. Sure, I suggest you should enjoy doing it, but... if it were ever to into your actual hobby (example, me) stay a lackey. If you continue to ignore my warning here and try to set up your own group or happened to be escalated to higher responsibilities for whatever reason... then GG.

You'll be spending so much time on scanlation. It's very dangerous because a lot of responsibility comes from it. Much expectation and perhaps even a slight bit lack of reward and appreciation. But as a hobby, you like to do it regardless and, sigh... I suppose it's the finished product that really makes it :)

Uhh... so TREK CAREFULLY. Especially when you're trying to balance your education or work with it. Do as well balance your health, or you'll end up regretting it. Preventive measures make all the difference!

...where was I going with this? Oh yeah, if scanlation ever becomes your hobby, it's not too late to turn back now. Otherwise, you're stuck at the point of no return. Good luck fellow scanlators, you guys pull off amazing stunts.

Haha, and here's a good example of my point --> Scanlation to do list:
  • SDS - QC Lunatic Honey Ch.6
  • SDS - Recruitment&all that Admin stuff among surprises
  • OS - Nice and relaxing proofreads when convenient <3
  • OS - [Dangerous] Volunteered typesetting of MASSIVE Oneshot
  • EF - Editing Crush on You once a week til its done
  • EF - Once COY is done, proceed to edit He Was Cool
  • EF - If no one does it, I'm probably expected to typeset Kiss and Never Cry as well (probably won't think about this though... I hope)
Oh, and it's not like I have a bunch of tests this week and this month happens to have no holiday breaks... (wait, that IS the case.) Okay, priorities are a little crooked, but it unfortunately seems doable. Dear God, master of time management, I pray you help me and my unorthodox-ness...

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