Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Mid of March

I just received 13th Boy Volume 10 by SangEun Lee today.
It's a really nice volume (but there's only 2 volumes left >:)
Just as I was about to go along with the plot twist, I've been turned back to original path.
Oh man, and do I feel anxious! Haha =D Really, these kind of things, you just have to enjoy!

I also have Shin Megami Tenshi's Devil Survivor 2 coming in the mail, should arrive when the weekend is over. So... yup! I bought this guy at the full $30. Too be honest, I don't buy games very much anymore, and when I do, I invest, BIG TIME. Why do I bust out the big cash so rashly??? Haha, oh well, maybe because I can't wait any longer to find it cheaper. However I'm fairly frugal with comics, haha xD

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