Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Summer Lookout

Barnes and Nobles (if you can't already tell how avid a member I am of it) is having some great deals on manga Pre-orders! There's so much that I'm keeping an eye out for to snag at practically 50% off 8D

Here's the first bit of news to share... B&N has now started incorporating "Manga Mondays", where they take 50% off the cover price of the first volume of 3 random series every week!! So this is pretty exciting haha.

Not only that, but there are a lot of preorders in the summer or fall time that have been marked DOWN DOWN DOWN. Here's a list of stuff that I'm looking forward to :'D
  • Yotsuba&! Volume 11
    Cover: $11.99....... Now: $6.49
  • Oresama Teacher Volumes 9-10
    Cover: $9.99......... Now: $5.67
  • Bakuman Volumes 12-13
    Cover: $9.99......... Now: $5.67
  • Otomen Volume 13
    Cover: $9.99......... Now: $5.67
Oh yeah, and I spotted something extremely convenient and AWESOME that B&N was planning to sell. Pokemon Adventures BOX SETS. Yeah, that's right. For Black and White as well. It doesn't stop there. They're all 50% off too. AWESOME.... I'm biding my time though. I wanna see what's included and what it looks like. They come out in August anywho, no rush ;] BUUT... I've definitely been waiting for something this convenient!

Buying manga has never been so exciting!! 8D

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