Saturday, April 7, 2012


Someone just got their hands on February's issue of TheMargaret!!
It has TONS of oneshots in it, (over 1000 pages of it) and I LOOOOVE looking at it!!
Yup, LOOKING, since I can't read Japanese. BUUUUTSTILLWHATTHEHEY!? It makes me happy 8D Since it's an old issue, I bought it at BookOff for $4.50! I saw it last time, but I didn't buy it and I regretted it deeply... So since it was still there, I decided to make a home for it ^___^b

My lovely best friend who took me to BookOff, beforehand took me to Mitsuwa Supermarket, which had Sanseido Bookstore! SOOOO OF COURSE, I BOUGHT HIRUNAKA NO RYUUSEI VOLUME 2!! HOOOORAAAAY!! And it's SOOOOOOOOOOO awesome!! I love it (even though I can't read it) 8D<3

I'll take some picture and post them up when I get home-home 8D... One day.

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