Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What an Exciting Year!

Haha, I am SO happy =D I'm hearing great new licenses and news that I've been waiting for a while~!

FIRST OFF... Strobe Edge is getting licensed by VIZ's Shojo Beat!! 8D HOOORAAAAY, definitely going to muster up my money for that towards the end of the year!!

SECOND OFF... Although it's a little bittersweet, I stopped read Bakuman online ever since it got licensed by VIZ's Shonen Jump. But I also feel relieved that it's ended at a nice 20 volumes. Better yet, VIZ is releasing volumes AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT for almost half the cost on Barnes&Noble. By November 2012, we'll be on volume 16!! Many factors together equals an INCREDIBLE combination :'D

THIIRD OFF... The manhwa Chocolat, had been picked back up from its hiatus and completed. Not only that, but Yen Press will finally release the last 3 volumes as an omnibus. Wow!!

I'm feeling many completed series on my bookshelves coming my way 8D Namely... (13th BOY with one volume left, Chocolat and Bakuman)

I also noticed in volume 12 of Otomen, that Aya Kanno wanted to start wrapping up her series, but volume 14 has been released in Japan. So... let's see where she's going ^__^

Anywho, when I finish 13th BOY and Chocolat... I'll be focusing on buying:
  • Oresama Teacher
  • Bakuman
  • Strobe Edge
  • Soul Eater Not!
  • Hirunaka no Ryuusei (I really should just learn Japanese, why am I doing this to myself?)
Teeheeheehee 8D Ohhhhh, I'm exciting for more fantastic series to be licensed!!

And as usual, on the side I'll be searching for...
  • Yotsuba&!
  • Lovely Complex
  • High School Debut
=D... I wonder if I'll ever stop liking comics... -shrugs-

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