Friday, September 21, 2012

Some Beautiful Manga

I'd like to say first of all, I'm discovering some AWESOME new songs that's hard to---STOP GIRL, in the name of loooove~ Uhh... what? Haha, U-Kiss's new single "Stop Girl" is pretty FANtastic. Listen to it. I'm warming up to these boys, although it might be because of Kevin's sweet voice.

Anywho, I'm purchasing up a storm of manga again! What arrived in the mail this month were...
  • The Magic Touch Volume 9
  • Love * Com Volumes 12-14
  • Oresama Teacher Volumes 1-4
  • Soul Eater Not! Volume 1
  • Otomen Volume 13
They're all VERY good stuff. And I actually should be expecting "The Day of Revolution" in my mailbox within a week ^^

I'm not going to talk about how Amazon trolled me badly (because it was partly due to my carelessness as well), but uhhh... yeah, I also bought some goodies from Omari's Sisters stuff sale :'D

I'm really happy about Oresama, guys...

Plus, there are some GOOD manga coming at me in the beginning of next month (not to mention an anime premiere of one of my treasured manga series!)

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