Thursday, October 4, 2012

Checking Out the Library

First of all, "The Mark of Athena" and Bakuman 15 came in the mail today, so I'm very pleased =]

Second of all, I've got a list of manga that I'd like to read, buuuut... not too sure I'm all hyped up to buy just yet. Plus I don't really want to read them online since we've got a licensed version... so why not?? I'm going to be checking them out in the library like I used to (when the library was in walking distance back in the day...)

Here are some series that I'm talking about:
  • La Corda d'oro
    Since all the volumes (except for the extra volume 17...) are published!
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
    I would like to read this new version... in its manga entirety.
  • Arisa
    I buy a lot of Natsumi Ando's U.S. licenses, but not this one. Reading the library editions might inspire me to purchase it later if I really like it. It's 10 volumes long, soo...
  • Skip Beat!
    I just like occasionally updating myself on this series and see if anything's happened yet lol
  • Kamisama Kiss
    I love Julietta Suzuki as an author, even though I always have mixed feelings about the topics she writes about lol
  • The 39 Clues (Not a manga, but...)

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