Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Save the Deadline!

Heeey! So I received Oresama Teacher volume 8, Bakuman volume 17 and Chocolat volume 8 omnibus last weekend ^__^ They look beautiful, but I only got a chance to read Oresama.

Oh yes and my long awaited package from Omari's Sister arrived, so now I've got The Day of Revolution! It was great re-reading the short series =] It just reminds me how much I adore Mikoto lol.

Anywho, I'm here to rant about scanna-lanna-lation~
  • QC Nostalgia Oneshot (due by 12/14)
  • Release Runway Produce!! ch.5 (12/16)
  • CL Runway Produce!! ch.7 (due by 12/18)
  • CL Be My Sweet Darling v.3 ch.4 (due by 12/22)
  • CL Be My Sweet Darling v.3 ch.5 (due by 12/22)
  • TS Game Over ch.4 (due by 12/22)
  • Release Runway Produce!! ch.6 (12/24)
  • Release Runway Produce!! ch.7 (12/25)
  • QC Kimi Daruma Oneshot (due 12/26)
  • CL He Was Cool ch.10 (due by 12/28)
  • TS Hirunaka no Ryuusei (due by... sometime in that month...)
  • TS Game Over ch.5 (due by 12/30)
  • QC ~asterisk~ Oneshot (due by 1/1)
Hooooo... sounds challenging lol.

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