Sunday, January 20, 2013

YesAsia! Can't say no!

Phantom just released a new album a few days ago. I listening to two of the songs before I decided that I MUST HAVE THIS ALBUM. Let's get this straight, I am NOT a CD person. But Phantom and Monkey Majik can definitely take my money. SO in order to reach the $50 minimum purchase for free shipping and handling, I bought the rest of the volumes of Sukitte Iwaseru Houhou. It worked out pretty perfectly.

I would love to take pictures when I get my hands on them!!

I'm just waiting on my last volume of Shinigami to come in before I take some snapshots of all the English manga I bought this month =]

Oh yeah, did you know... VIZ is publishing Pokemon Adventures HEART GOLD SOUL SILVER this year!? It's SOOO awesome!! What an exciting year, I'm going to be very broke and very bad at money managing, I can see it coming -sigh-

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