Friday, January 4, 2013

BOOYAH! PokeSpe is gonna be bomb!

I am totally excited to blow some money on PokeSpe hahaha. VIZ finally got the memo and is publishing the Ruby and Sapphire arc. PLUS, they're going back and publishing Black and White into some REAL volumes (not those mini volumes). Now that they're getting serious about PokeSpe, I think I might snag myself those two box sets even though they switched Blue and Green's names, and censored some stuff.

(I think I'll buy myself some white-out and awesome ink marker to fix them hahaha) Perhaps when I grow up, get a job and still find that I love PokeSpe, I'll get myself a Japanese set too -nods- Haha. But whatever, I'm just caught up in the excitement that is Pokemon Special 8D

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